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25 February 2010

If Just for One Day

I think the world would be a better place if for one day we got to experience the world as a member of the opposite gender.

I don't mean dressing like a dude or lady--I mean actually waking up one random day in your young life as a member of the opposite sex. I'd love to see a dude deal with stabbing cramps, mood swings, and making less money for the same work.

Personally, I would like to have a dick for two very specific reasons--to experience sex from the male perspective, and to pee while standing up. I would spend my day as a dude consuming massive amounts of liquids just so I could whip it out and piss anywhere. On walls. On bushes. Writing my name in the snow? Yes, please!

I also think it would help me to appreciate the little things I love so much about being a woman even more. Being able to be turned on in inconvenient places without having to hide myself below the waist. Having the option of wearing pants or skirts. And I very much enjoy having boobs.

So if whatever deity that's out there could make this happen, I'd appreciate it.


Lacey Straits said...

I am fascinated by the penis, frankly. Anything that grows uncomfortably of its own accord is both amazing and horrifying.

twg said...

I will drink to this post. In fact, I am. Right now.

Anonymous said...

you still can write your name on the's called p-mate.

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