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30 December 2010

Why Kurt Russell's Life Is Infinitely Cooler Than Mine

Besides the fame and money, here's three reasons:

1) He was Snake Plissken, goddam it.

2) He spent the better part of his life tagging Goldie Hawn, whose ass stands as one of Hollywood's finest.

3) He got paid for this:

Thanks to Dana for the vid.


Dana said...

Although she stole my dance moves, I would NEVER do those maneauvers in flip flops. Real seductresses dance in stilettos. Also, I will dance for cool Ken over Kurt anyday. Anyday.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Dana. Sure, stilettos are fairly essential. However. Flips show spontaneity. As in, you can whip that shit out at a moment's notice, when you thought you were just grabbin a beer.

PS Yes - his life is apparently more awesome than yours, Ken, but you have years to work on that.

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