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10 March 2011

As If They Needed Another Reason Not to Send Me to the Conference...

I find that whenever I'm at any kind of Conference, whenever there's a female speaker at the podium, all I can think about is how it would feel to go down on her.

Seriously. From the minute she steps on the stage to the minute she leaves, I just sit there, tracing the outline of her legs with my eyes, trying to pinpoint exactly where on her body I'd begin my descent, and mentally conjuring what her reactions might be.

Have I reached the point of irreversible perversion? Do other guys do this? Do women do this when watching men speaking at a conference?


Ulterior Banana said...

Yeah. If I'm looking at you there's a pretty big chance I'm picturing you naked.

...I don't mention that to people.

twg said...

Uh oh. Boner alert!

Anonymous said...

Do they have to be speaking at a conference for me to think about giving them head? Or are there other scenarios at work (etc) that we're talking about here?

Anonymous said...

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Don Rodrigo said...

Is it just conferences? Isn't it really any time a woman is standing in front of you, or better yet, when her back is to you? (Not necessarily the going down part when she has her back to you, unless you're a rimjobber, but I'm guessing you see my point.) I pretty much have these sordid thoughts any time I'm around a woman. For example, I'm thinking about Erin Wallace (comment above) naked for absolutely no reason at all, considering her post. Erin, sweetheart, give me a call.
DR -

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