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18 March 2011

Lipps, Inc.

There are certain things I can overlook in a relationship. Psychotic behavior. Rambling stories about the ex-boyfriend. Threatening me with an empty Heineken bottle. Having to be carried out of your best friend's wedding because you drank 15 Jaeger shots and proceeded to vomit on every inch of carpeting in the reception hall. Rambling stories about how the ex-boyfriend liked your blowjobs. Erratic, almost irresponsible driving. Refusing to tip the paperboy because he "seems Mexican." Throwing all my clothes out into the driveway because I was a half-hour late coming home, even though you knew I was tending to my sick aunt.

But one thing I can't overlook is a bad kisser.

And, man, they're out there.


Veronica Vaughn said...

I feel ya! If there's one thing I HATE, its a bad kisser.

Date Girl said...

LOL!! Because he "seems mexican". Ha! You've dated some winners. Then again if I looked through my dating history I've had some doozies. Caught another woman in your bed and you said you were just sleeping? Of course I believe you!

I can't stand a bad kisser. "Too much tongue guy" has got to go!

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