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23 June 2010

Me? Emotional? Irrational?

My friends at MetAnotherFrog have asked me to contribute another guest post. This one on the subject of irrational, reactionary, emotional women. Here's a taste:
There may be one or two exceptions in my chequered past. But for the most part, they’re all the same. If I’m a few minutes late coming home, I get a crazed call screaming, “Who is she?” If I can’t make her Dad’s birthday party because of a business trip, she insists I hate her parents and want them dead. If I fall asleep during the chick flick we’re watching, I’m not sensitive to her feelings.

I’ve had girlfriends break down in tears because I was too slow to notice a new haircut. One who threatened to punch out a female ticket-taker at the local movie house because she thought she was “making a play for my guy.” Another who stopped talking to her best friend for three years because she was convinced the girl wore the same dress as her to a wedding out of spite.

Again, I can only base this on the women I know. And with my predilections and obtuse desires, it could very well be that the women I know represent a small demographic. But in my experience, if there’s a conclusion to be jumped to, a handle to be flown off, or a boyfriend to be kicked in the balls based purely on suspicion and nothing resembling hardcore facts, women are gonna do it.
Check the rest, baby. Right here.


Miss Alpha said...

I think crazy has a lot to do with the energy created between two people. Maybe you attract crazies... or maybe you bring out the crazy in them? The trick is figuring out one from the other.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm completely mad. I just try to channel it into more obscure areas of my life -- hence I've developed an unhealthy obsession with medieval torture methods, papal orgies, theoretical physics, crosswords, and bum-gazing. But I don't do this to make my man's life any easier. I do this because I'm just THAT weird. It's no wonder that I don't have anyone stalking me through the streets of Paris.

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