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07 June 2010

My Pioneering Ways

In another example of my dreams becoming reality, Gawker reports that the newest dance craze in Brazil involves women slamming their asses into guy's faces.

You can thank me in the comments.


Number Nine said...

How in the world do you make that happen on a "dance floor" :D

I think she broke his nose, too!

No One Reads The Copy said...

Oddly hot post. I think you're making a converter out of me. Haha!

lk6 said...

I'm from Brazil, and I can say that is the truth.
Search for "surra de bunda" on youtube and rejoice.

Ken said...

These are truly magical days to be a guy with a face, who just happens to like it when females slam their asses into his face.

So, er, if you women are out there. Call me.

andygirl said...

pshaw! they stole my idea. I've been doing that since 11th grade.

twg said...

I saw this on Tosh.0. I knew you would love it.

Sam Sharpe said...

Thank you. One more reason to visit Brazil.

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