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23 October 2010


Someone sent me a link to this video:

That person is the greatest human who ever lived.

Even if you're a heterosexual woman, how could you NOT want to be under that ass? Straight girls, help me out here.


Suzyn said...

Okay, as a hetero woman of 32 years, I can say that I would not mind having that woman sit on my face provided she was relatively "clean" and that I'd had a few martinis in my system. But, yeah.

Kittycat said...

Um I'm into some kinky shit. But not much into women. I prefer cocks.

Sam Sharpe said...

This. Is. Glorious. Absolutely, positively glorious. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ruin the fun boys, but is she just bouncing up and down on her nose?

Ok, ok... yeah hot... but I'd need to be way more...dexterily (is that even a word?) involved than that. And even if I wasn't allowed? Things wouldn't be quite so... what's a sexier word for "dry"? (...if experience is any indication...)

Buuut... guess I'm not technically straight so suppose my opinion counts for less.

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