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14 December 2009

Breaking Them In

Back in college, I dated a girl I called "the school teacher." I called her this because, whenever we got busy, she'd map out every stage of the process in a gentle, almost instructive voice.

"Now I'm going to stroke your cock," she'd say, and start feeling up the Captain. "Now I'm going to caress your balls," she'd note, and begin fondling the jublees. "Now you're going to kiss my stomach." "Now I'm going to blow you." "Now you're going to lick my nipples." And so on and so forth.

After a while, sex started feeling like some bizarre educational video. So I tried to work on her inner vixen. Drag her down to the gutter along with me, so to speak.

"You can say other things," I'd tell her. "You can get a little dirty with it if you want to talk."

But nothing doing. So it was months of, "Now I'm going to touch you." "Now you're going to grab my wrists." "Now I'm going to sit on your face." Not complaining, mind you. The sex was pretty good. But I kept trying to crack the seal, unleash the inner porn star that I suspected was screaming to break out of her.

I made some progress over the summer, but the Master Plan never fully blossomed. Our romance ended before the start of the next semester, but we remained close friends.

I bring her up because I saw her again this past weekend at a friend's Christmas gathering. She had her fiance with her, and toward the end of the night, when the beer was flowing freely and the menfolk had retired to the mancave in the basement, Mr. Fiance started talking up his sexploits with my former.

I wasn't sure if she'd told him anything about our past; I suspected she hadn't since it was almost eons ago. So I kept it on the down-low, preferring to sit back and soak it all in. Especially the part where he noted that he's sometimes shocked by what comes out of her mouth.

Most recently, he explained, in the heat of passion, she blurted, "Better get that tongue ready, bitch, because you are going to suck me until I fucking say you're done."

A curious thing to bring up, for sure. But I just kinda smiled, convincing myself that somehow, I helped bring that along.


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