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06 December 2009

Friday Night Follies

As usual, Friday night found me at the bar, mainlining Guinness to erase the perils of the workweek from my memory. After a couple of pints, I noticed a fairly attractive guy checking me out. Button-down shirt, kinda geeky, chatting amicably with his friends. I made eyes at him. He made eyes at me. I turned my back to him and bopped along to to the music. I rotated again and reestablished eye contact.

This went on for hours. Finally, when I approached the bar for my fifth pint, he sidled up to me. He put his empty Bud Lite on the bar. He made eye contact.

"Hi," he said.

"Hey," I purred back.

He smiled, walked away, put on his coat, and strolled out the door.

Yet another Christmas without anyone to bring home to the parents. Goddammit.


angelina said...

girl i feel you. i never understand what's up with guys pulling that. in san francisco it's the *worst*. the men are all so precious here it makes me gaggy.

love the new digs. i think i'm gonna like it here.

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