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22 December 2009

But I Wish He'd Get Into Me

Recently, I've been trying to get a paramour of mine to visit on the regular/become an actual, honest-to-God boyfriend. We've been grabbing clandestine kisses while waiting for the bus home for months, but he only recently got out of his halfhearted relationship. I figured this meant all systems were go. I made plans. We had drinks, he told me he was still not adjusted to being single. Then he nibbled on my earlobe as the bus pulled up.

Fast forward a month, and I haven't seen him despite practically begging him to hang out, drink, and stick his tongue in my mouth. He keeps saying he's busy at work. And before you Sex and the City fans start dropping that He's Just Not That Into You knowledge on me, you should know that he actually is very busy at work. (Thanks for the help, Facebook Stalking!)

That said. I have seen guys go without sleep for a week to have a date with a woman they really want to see. They will drive hundreds of miles in the hopes of even getting an eyeful of cleavage across the table. If he really dug me as much as I want him to, and as much as I deserve to be dug, he'd crawl to the bus stop to meet up with me.

It's time to go back to the drawing board, I guess.


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