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20 January 2010

I'm Your Facebook Fantasy

I have no problem with guys with a bit of a pervy streak. In fact, I rather enjoy them. Most of the time I’m pretty aware of how their predilection will manifest itself—ass grabs, comments about how my tits look in that dress, the occasional restraining order. But I've recently experienced a new trend.

About six months ago, I was dating a fellow. We were sitting around, shooting the shit, when we started talking about Facebook. Somehow, I got this confession from him:

“I masturbated to pictures of you that you posted on Facebook before we started dating,” he said.

“Which ones?” I asked. He opened his laptop (heh) and showed me the one that factored heavily into his self-pleasuring. It featured a shot of my cleavage, which is a rare photographic feat considering my tiny breasts.

Fast forward to the next guy I coerced into bed. We're talking dirty when he whispers in my ear that he had recently started masturbating to pictures of me on Facebook.

"Which ones?" I asked. He unhooked my bra and muttered into my cleavage that he liked the one of me in a low-cut black number I'd forgot I'd even posted. Fast forward again to a few weeks ago, when another guy confessed getting off to fully clothed pictures of me on my profile as I removed my shirt.

Is this the new decade's "your ass looks hot in those jeans?" I suppose a nice girl would be concerned what dudes firing up Facebook to ogle her while horny does to her reputation. But it wasn't some random guy from accounting telling me this in the copy room--it's a guy I'm digging enough to allow out of the virtual world and into the very real world inside my pants. And, quite frankly, those confessions kind of turned me on. More.

What say you, fellow pervs? Is it an invasion of privacy when somebody gets off to your PG-rated pictures on Facebook, or just a fun way you can be that special someone's personal Farrah Fawcett?


RichTom said...

I like how Facebook has become another way to pimp ourselves to the masses. God knows its helped me get laid at least six or seven times.

Anonymous said...

What this post needs, quite frankly, are pictures of you in that low cut black number. To enhance our understanding. In my opinion.

Cyn said...

That's pretty awesome. It's like they're living the fantasy by actually getting with you. Very hawt. I approve. And will update my own Facebook gallery accordingly.

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