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17 March 2010

Loving (and Hating) the Swimmers

By rights, I know I should do everything within my power to keep a guy's sperm out of my uterus. I should take my pills religiously every day, he should bag it, and I should probably squeeze a tube of spermicide in there before we get busy. And even then, it's possible one of those little bastards could get in there and knock me up.

But I really, really like when a guy comes inside me.

I've had friends who get off on the idea they could get pregnant from their encounters. My creditors and I both know a kid would not be a good idea for me. But I do enjoy the feeling that comes when we peel apart from each other. The wet spot on the bed. The squish squish squish when I toddle off to the bathroom to pee. To me, it's evidence of a job well done.

But, hey, maybe that's just me.


twg said...

I love it too. Just for the record. Not the pregnancy part, just the coming inside me part. For the record.

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